[whatwg] Why type="location" was removed

Edward Welbourne eddy at opera.com
Fri Jun 11 01:46:21 PDT 2004

> asked me only once for my home address, set a cookie in my mobile
> phone's browser to remember it

or, indeed, the browser - as user agent - remembers several locations
for you and provides an easy UI for selecting one of them to use when
filling in a form.

>> I have attached the comments that led to this removal.
> I'm not qualified to write a text either

None of us are, but that shouldn't stop us ;^)
Ian - hassle me and I'll try to write a draft that addresses my issues.

Then someone else can heckle at it and we can try to address their
issues.  The price of heckling is having to fix your own complaints.

> it may be worth considering that the site will normally have an idea
> of the required precision of the data.

so the form specifies a precision range in its request for the data
(reject form unless datum is at least *this* accurate; if the user
supplies more than *that* accuracy, discard the surplus).  It'd be
nice if the user agent could communicate an error bar on the answer
given, but ultimately it's sufficient that the form presumes that the
error bar is within the range it specified.


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