[whatwg] date/time types

Dean Edwards dean at edwards.name
Fri Jun 11 07:42:25 PDT 2004

would it be useful to extend the "precision" attribute to cover 
dates/times? this might eliminate the need for some of the extra input 

<!-- same as "expdate" -->
<input type="date" name="expiry" precision="month"/>

<!-- same as "week" -->
<input type="date" name="schedule" precision="week"/>

<!-- same as "datetime" -->
<input type="date" name="countdown" precision="second"/>

<!-- "day" is the default for "date" -->
<input type="date" name="birthday"/>

i think we would still need a "time" type to avoid prompting the user 
for an unnecessary date.

<!-- time examples -->
<input type="time" name="alarm" precision="second"/>
<input type="time" name="arrive" precision="minute"/>
<input type="time" name="doors-open" precision="hour"/>

i'm pretty sure it's too late for such a change. but i thought i'd 
mention it.


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