[whatwg] Menubars and phishing

Dylan Schiemann list4 at dylanmail.com
Mon Jun 14 10:11:30 PDT 2004

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Matthew Thomas wrote:
| On 14 Jun, 2004, at 10:26 AM, Ian Hickson wrote:
|> On Thu, 10 Jun 2004, Dylan Schiemann wrote:
|>> Ian Hickson wrote:
|>>> I'm really stuck on this problem of how to handle running remote
|>>> applications so they definitely look like they are remote, and an
|>>> application on paypcl.com is definitely distinguishable from one on
|>>> paypal.com, even if they use near-identical code.
| Having read this whole thread, I don't see what preventing phishing has
| to do with menu bars in particular, or even What-WG in general. Phishing
| is an increasing problem with Web apps right now, even when they don't
| use pull-down menus or any other fancy elements.
| Browser vendors could make phishing harder without requiring any user
| intervention, but I'd rather not clutter this list with the technique
| because it seems rather off-topic.

I think the more relevant point is this: where is the line drawn for
what permissions a web app can be afforded.  Are we only coming up with
ways to provide web sites with more application-like interfaces and
options, or also a way for light-weight local apps to migrate to web apps?
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