[whatwg] Web Forms 2.0 Substantial - Section 2

fantasai fantasai.lists at inkedblade.net
Mon Jun 14 15:23:07 PDT 2004

2.1. Extensions to the input element

# The formats described below are those that UAs must use when submitting the
# data. They do not necessarily represent what the user is expected to type.
# User agents are expected to show suitable user interfaces for each of these
# types. It is the UA's responsibility to convert the user's input into the
# specified format.

Add a note about local-specific time and number formats, so UAs don't
overlook that as part of the "suitable user interface" expectation.

# expdate

Should be more generic, e.g. 'month'. Here's an example of a non-expiration
date using that same format:


Just FYI, credit card expiration date fields on order forms frequently have
a full 4-digit date drop-down, even though they do put the month first.
(Both US and European date formats have month before year, so this is not

2.2. The output element

You need to explain the interaction of textContent, defaultValue, value, and
the actual element contents better.

Also, note somewhere that resetting the form doesn't *exactly* reset the output
to its original state.

2.3. Extensions to the select element

# UAs must not use a UI that artificially restricts the allowed characters.
# For example, commas should be allowed in the submission text.

UA should be allowed to use a UI which prevents the input of newlines.
Otherwise it's just *really awkward* -- and selects can't handle newlines
now anyway.

2.5. Extensions to file upload controls

# The maxlength attribute applies to file upload controls.

How? (Yes, I know this is defined elsewhere, but it belongs here, too.)

2.7. Extensions to the submit buttons

I think I mentioned this under Editorial, but it belongs here, too.

# For this reason, the following attributes are allowed on submit buttons:
# action, method, enctype, replace, and target. When not specified, their
# values default to the values given by their form element.

Explain what exactly you mean by the verb "default".

2.9. The pattern attribute

# If the attribute is empty or omitted then it is equivalent to .*  (which,
# with the implied start and end characters, becomes ^.*$), which matches
# anything.

I'm not too familiar with the details of ECMA regex, but I believe that
pattern excludes newlines, which you do not want to do for <textarea>.

 > Would a separate attribute be better? Like, pattern-hint?

I think 'title' is fine.

2.12. The autocomplete attribute

# All form controls except the various push button controls and hidden and
# output controls

Might want to define the "various push button controls" category somewhere.

2.13.  The autofocus attribute

# When a form control is inserted into a document, the UA must check to see if
# it has this attribute set. If it does, then the UA must focus the control, as
# if the control's focus() method was invoked. (When multiple elements are
# simultaneously inserted into the document, they must all perform this, in
# document order.)
# During document load, the last form control with this attribute set is the
# one that should have focus once the document is loaded.

I'm wondering if the last paragraph is implied by the first.

Also, you should put something to the effect that
   There should only be one [non-disabled] form control with "autofocus"
   per document.
to discourage authors from having multiple autofocus elements. IMO, the
multiple elements handling should be considered error-handling.

Also, support for this attribute should be optional, and ignoring it
based on what the user is currently doing (e.g. typing into another
form field) should be allowed. "Autofocus" should be a hint, not a

2.16. Handling unexpected elements and values

# Unless otherwise forced to appear by a stylesheet, other child nodes are
# never visible.
# rendering the initial value only, with the rest of the content not displayed
# (unless forced to appear through some CSS)

Forced to appear how? By what CSS?



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