[whatwg] What improves Web applications?

Nigel McFarlane nrm at kingtide.com.au
Tue Jun 15 04:45:16 PDT 2004

What has been said on this point of hierarchical menus vs
data entry is not just a matter of "least user confusion"
although no doubt that is important.

The examples cited:

-- tabbed window
-- hierarchical menus
-- form data entry
-- breadcrumbed navigation
-- etc

are all examples of UI modalities. Since there's no right one,
in the sense that there's no right painting, the question then
becomes which of these modalities (or others), does this
whatwg activity seek to support? Or are we back to "figure out
for yourself what you can make of our HTML extensions."

It's clear from earlier discussions that 3D tools, Photoshop
palette-style tools, and so on are non-supported UI modalities.
Amongst the finer distinctions, are any clearly in or out?
Are any near-impossible with existing HTML, or is it the case
that these enhancements will only make existing possibilities

- Nigel.

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