[whatwg] Re: input element types

Malcolm Rowe malcolm at farside.org.uk
Thu Jun 24 06:33:35 PDT 2004

Jim Ley writes:
>> While certainly not as pleasant as a nice UI with a pretty clock, it is
>> still possible for users to enter the datetime format if their UA doesn't
>> support it and does not have JavaScript enable for the page to help them.
>> So it is backwards compatible, just not very pretty.
> Could you provide an example page using the datetime control Perhaps a
> copy of http://timetables.oag.com/man2/ in WF2, and how that will
> work.

I'd imagine the relevant markup would be: 

<input type="date" name="preferred_date">
<select name="preferred_time">

Since the 'time' control on that page can contain pseudo-times like 'Any', 
'Morning', and so on, a datetime control doesn't make sense here. I'd 
imagine that they'd also retain their existing JavaScript for supporting 
some non-WF2 UA's. 

I do agree that it would probably be useful for the server to request that 
the time should be interpreted as a local time (i.e., with no conversion). 
For example, in the time entry application I use at work, if I say that I 
started work at 'today, 9am', I do mean 9am local time, and not 9am UTC, 
regardless of where I am physically located when I submit my entry. 

Is that basically your only objection to the datetime type - that the 
default is to assume that the server wants the time converted to UTC? 


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