[whatwg] several mail addresses in input type email?

Hallvord Reiar Michaelsen Steen hallvors at online.no
Fri Jun 25 14:06:58 PDT 2004

On 25 Jun 2004 at 21:16, Anne van Kesteren (fora) wrote:

> > Sometimes (and maybe more often than not, e.g. webmail!) one would 
> > want to allow a list of E-mail addresses rather than only one in an 
> > INPUT type="email". 

> This is basically being discussed for "select editable", but no solution 
> has been found that suits all needs,

I don't quite agree that it is the same issue. The problem I wanted 
to highlight was: if I want users to be able to input more than one 
mail address in a field, it seems I can not use the email type 
(loosing potential UA cleverness like offering users address book 
entries) because this will only validate a single mail address. The 
only way around that may be recursing to JavaScript for validation (I 
haven't read the bits about custom validation interacting with native 
validation but I assume there is a way the former can overrule the 
As multiple input is used in every webmail application it is so 
common we should consider the validation problem IMO..
Hallvord Reiar Michaelsen Steen
hallvors at online.no / www.hallvord.com

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