[whatwg] several mail addresses in input type email?

Lachlan Hunt lachlan.hunt at iinet.net.au
Mon Jun 28 03:54:47 PDT 2004

Ian Hickson wrote:
> Does it make sense to have
>    type="uri" multiple="multiple"
>    type="date" multiple="multiple"
> ...etc?
> How should those be submitted?

   Wouldn't this make the most sense if the multiple attribute behaved 
the same way on other elements, as it currently does with <select 
multiple="multiple">?  IIRC, when multiple values are selected, multiple 
name=value pairs are submitted, so therefore, if it were applied to uri 
and date inputs, as above, then multiple name=value pairs should also be 

   The only problem is that it may not degrade gracefully into older 
UAs, and would still need to submit a delimited list in one name=value 
pair, so the server would need to check whether multiple pairs were 
recieved; or, if only one was recieved, whether it contains a delimited 
list of values, or a single value.

Lachlan Hunt

lachlan.hunt at lachy.id.au

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