[whatwg] Re: Another alternative to select editable

voracity subs at voracity.org
Tue Jun 29 04:04:49 PDT 2004

> On Tue, 29 Jun 2004 20:27:21 +1000, voracity <subs at voracity.org> wrote:
>> Perhaps you could add another tag called something like 'combo' (or something
>> better),
> It won't degrade in other clients, to anything, meaning it can't
> realistically be used.

I just explained how it degrades in other clients. I can create a web page for
you to visit that shows precisely how it degrades in today's clients, if you wish.

>> (Note: This is useful when there are over 1000's of possibilities, and scrolling
>> becomes painful, but still possible.
> If you have 1000s of possibilities in a select box, you have a user
> interaction problem, we shouldn't optimise specs for bad designs, make
> good design easy, not bad.

hmmm, you may want to talk to MYOB then (for example, on their sales entry
forms, when selecting a client from the database).

I have a similar sales entry form I developed for my intranet where the user is
able to select an entry from one of 8000 clients (with my own combobox
equivalent). It takes all of 2 seconds (and 4 keypresses) to locate a client,
most times. If you can explain how I can make this 'better designed', I'd
appreciate it --- believe me, I appreciate how every fraction of a second counts.

(Talking about poor design, the mailing-list interface is far from pleasant.)

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