[whatwg] internationalization/localization

Martin Kutschker Martin.T.Kutschker at blackbox.net
Tue Jun 29 09:36:48 PDT 2004

"Anne van Kesteren (fora)" <fora at annevankesteren.nl> writes on 
Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:00:02 +0200 (METDST):

> > Dates in Europe are often written 2004-06-29, but not always, but
> > never the US way.
> Really? In The Netherlands we always use '29-06-2004'.

Wouldn't that be 06-29-2004 in the US?

In Germany, Austria ans Switzerland it's 29.6.2004 anyway. I guess we're used to 29-06-2004 now, but it's not "native".


PS: 2004-06-29 is great for implicit sorting, but I would never ever write a date this way in any other context than filenames, etc (when writing in German). 

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