[whatwg] [html5] thoughts

Max Romantschuk max at provico.fi
Wed Nov 10 03:34:35 PST 2004

>> Thomas Scholz wrote:
>>> What about an element <quote>?

> Max Romantschuk schrieb:
>> Um, isn't that what <q> is all about? [1] Or am I missing something?

Thomas Scholz wrote:
> No, some UAs insert quotes, some don't. A new defined element <quote>  
> shouldn't require automagic quotes and leave this up to the author.

OK. I see your point. Even though this would esentially solve the 
problem I would be hesitant to support such a solution. If two elements 
mean the same thing on a semantic level and only differ in presentation 
we're essentially returning to the HTML3 model of mixing content and 

I'm not claiming I have a better solution, but I feel we strive to 
separate content from presentation and keep the semantic model as 
unambiguous as possible.


Max Romantschuk

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