[whatwg] Status bars and progress indicators

Brad Fults brad at mipscomputation.com
Tue Nov 23 14:52:20 PST 2004

> Yes, but if no vendor ever implements the last 10% of the spec because
it's so complicated, nobody will get to use it anyway.

> A spec that hits 90% of the use cases and is easier to implement will
garner more support from vendors than a spec that hits 100% of the use cases
and is impossible to implement.

Completely true; and completely irrelevant in this case.

My proposed solution (or direction toward a solution) is no harder to
implement. It's a difference between hard-coding a 2- or 3-level indicator
and making one that can have an arbitrary number of children. This isn't
rocket science at all, but rather something that's already been done in many
other parts of HTML (e.g. select/option).

I have yet to hear a well-supported and valid argument against my case. I
honestly can't believe that people would consider such a specialized
implementation for a public specification.

I think the next logical step is to make an <input
e-of-texas" />. Surely that will be easy to implement and will be useful for
all of the drugstores in Travis county.


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