[whatwg] Re: refer to 'Web Applications 1.0' instead of 'Web Apps 1.0'

Petr Baudis pasky at ucw.cz
Sat Oct 2 16:16:43 PDT 2004


  sorry about breaking threading, I've just subscribed.

> I also think that we should change "user agents may provide access to
> linked documents through a navigation bar" to 'should', since they are
> only useful if UAs do something with it.

  Perhaps nitpicking, but I disagree with the recommendation that the
linked documents should be presented through a navigation bar - that may
be appropriate for graphical web browsers, but probably not for the text
ones. I.e. in ELinks we just list the interesting <link>s at the
document start, which is not the best solution, but much better than
trying to stuff them into some kind of a toolbar.

  "User agents should provide some access to the linked documents, i.e.
through a navigation bar." ...?

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