[whatwg] link-types

Anne van Kesteren fora at annevankesteren.nl
Sun Sep 12 02:33:09 PDT 2004

We probably know the from HTML 4.01[1] and I think that list should be
extended by WHATWG for HTML 5.0. Besides extending the current list of
values, WHATWG should define what kind of mechanism for extending the
list of values should be used, more on that in a minute.

I also think that we should change "user agents may provide access to
linked documents through a navigation bar" to 'should', since they are
only useful if UAs do something with it.

Currently HTML 4.01[1] has defined a way of extending the link-types by
using the PROFILE attribute on the HEAD element, this element points to
a document which defines more link-type. In practice, this could be
something as the XFN 1.1 meta data profile[2], developed by GMPG[3]. The
problem is however that you don't know which link-type belongs to which
profile. If you develop a new profile which extends or redefines a
link-type, it becomes unclear which link-type should be used. Eric
Scheid put up a (RFC) draft[4] regarding this issue, which is probably
worth a look at when trying to solve this issue.

I found a document[5] which lists commonly used link-types. I believe
all of them should be included in the new specification. The
specification should also mention when link-types are considered
equivalent (and therefore must be implemented in the same way). For
example: 'home', 'start' and 'top' or 'find' and 'search'.

The specification should also mention that some link-types can occur
multiple times. A typical thing could be to have multiple |rel="prev"|
on your weblog. One points to the previous post in chronological order
and one points to the previous post in the same category. (If they are
the same, the UA should probably mention only 1.)

The specification should also address how link-types interact with other
attributes. For example |rel="alternate"| with HREFLANG. (Note that the
HTML 4.01 specification is wrong saying that LANG should be used to
point to a translation of the document.)

If I missed something, please bring it up.


  Anne van Kesteren

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