[whatwg] Re: <section> and headings

fantasai fantasai.lists at inkedblade.net
Fri Sep 10 09:11:17 PDT 2004

Lachlan Hunt wrote:

> James Graham wrote:
>> to denote a section of the page other than the main content. One could 
>> then subdivide using an attribute (<chrome type="header"> <chrome 
>> type="footer"> and so on).
> DO NOT overload the type attribute any more than it already is.  We had 
> this discussion a few months ago when I was paying more attention to 
> this work, and several people were suggesting the use of type for 
> various things.  The type attrubue *SHOULD* only be used for denothing 
> the MIME type of a resource, and for form controls.  HTML4 already 
> overloaded the attrbute with 10 different uses; 8 of them being 
> presentational, and thus deprecated.

Call it 'role'. It's not the names that are important in what James is
saying, it's the concepts.



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