[whatwg] link-types

Shift shift at free.fr
Sun Sep 12 08:19:50 PDT 2004

Le Sunday 12 September 2004 16:37, Anne van Kesteren a écrit :
> > I am one of the developer of the "rellinks" plugin of Konqueror (KDE
> > browser). This plugin add a toolbar to manage these links :
> > http://shift.freezope.org/konq_rellinks/
> Nice, although I think that every browser should have native support for
> this, like I mentioned in my original post.

It is now officialy released with Konqueror but unactivated.

> > I already make search about the different possible values used actually
> > in the link tags. I also found the similar ones. Here is the result of my
> > search : http://shift.freezope.org/konq_rellinks/development_html  (The
> > "supported" column is just for the status in the plugin).
> Nice, that looks like a better survey and mentions a lot more possible
> link-type values. I don't agree with every descision you have made
> (treating 'child' similar to 'next'), but I don't think this is the
> appropriate time to go into discussion about this.

I take this decision because existing project do this way. Specifications 
missing I decided to make as the existing plugins (Mozilla one) do :(

> [...]
> Indeed. The specification should probably define examples as well and
> define in a better way how the REV attribute can be used. REL is
> completely clear for most people, but I never say somebody using REV.
> Actually, I have never seen a good implementation of that attribute.

REV is often used for "made". It is similar to REL with "author".
If you look at the source of the plugin I have a method transforming REV in 
REL : made <-> author, prev <-> next, child <-> parent,....

The specification must be very clear and explain when to use REL or REV and 
that when you use REL "prev" there are no need to use REV "next". For the 
browser it is difficult to know it is the same relation. Should the 
specification remove REL  ?


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