[whatwg] Mining for information in the spec (new organization ideas?)

Brian Wilson brian at opera.com
Tue Sep 14 07:35:20 PDT 2004

I was looking at some boundary conditions for min and max attributes just  
now in the spec, and ended up having to ask Ian for the answer. Although  
the answer was right there in the spec, I find myself doing this more than  
I'd like (and probably more than Ian would like as well 8-D)

My question-of-the-moment was about MAX attribute values and it led me to  
no less than 4 different places in the spec for my full answer:
    2.4.1 Ranges
    2.19  Handling unexpected elements and values
    5.1   Successful form controls
    7.8   New DOM attributes for new content attributes

This may have been an extreme example (or maybe I am just running in to  
the extreme examples lately), but with the spec being as verbose as it is,  
and that same spec going into as much boundary condition handling as it  
does - could there be a better way to organize this boundary handling  
information such that it is easier to cross-reference?

Unfortunately, this message is a gripe without a proposed solution. I just  
sometimes find it hard to wade through ALL the spec areas I need to find  
the final answer to a boundary condition question. There may be no easy or  
half-easy answer to this. If anyone has any ideas, perhaps spec  
organization could be (or already is? 8-}) one of the topics of  
conversation here as well.


Brian Wilson
Opera Core QA

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