[whatwg] Status bars and progress indicators

Afternoon afternoon at uk2.net
Mon Sep 20 19:23:37 PDT 2004

>   The same applies to menus, toolbars, window resizing, context menus, 
> etc. which have previously been able to be disabled/removed by 
> JavaScript, but thankfully, modern browsers can now prevent authors 
> doing that.  Lets not give back these abilities to the author!

In an application that uses multiple windows (yes, multiple windows are 
a good thing sometimes), many of these UA features are duplicated. They 
do nothing but eat up valuable real estate. While it is fair to say 
that the developer wants his/her application to be visually clean, it 
is also in the user's interest for the interface to be straightforward 
and not to add confusion by duplicating controls.

In addition, the functions performed by certain controls may be totally 
inappropriate to the current application stage, for example the refresh 
control becomes a dangerous liability just after a user has submitted 
their credit card details and placed an order.

An application should have the flexibility to provide users with the 
controls they need to operate that application, no more, no less.


((Ben Godfrey) (Software) (see "http://www.cohack.com/"))

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