[whatwg] Status bars and progress indicators

Lachlan Hunt lachlan.hunt at iinet.net.au
Thu Sep 23 00:28:14 PDT 2004

Petrazickis wrote:
> Lachlan Hunt wrote:
>> Several People wrote:
>>> <gage>...</gage>
>> If we're going to have that element, can we at least get the spelling 
>> correct: <gauge>?
> http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=gage
> Looks like it's merely the less common variant.

Well, if thats the case, I would recommend spelling it as gauge, or 
otherwise finding an element name that does not have conflicting 
American and rest-of-the-world spellings.  I'm assuming spelling it as 
gage is American, since they seem to have trouble with the letter 'u' in 
many other words as well, which I personally find really annoying.  So, 
I'd rather not have country specific spellings in the markup language.

Lachlan Hunt

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