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Ian Hickson ian at hixie.ch
Wed Apr 6 05:45:07 PDT 2005

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On Wed, 6 Apr 2005, Kornel Lesinski wrote:
> If <address> applies only to the element it's in,
> some duplication may be needed:
> My articles on my page:
> <body>
> 	<article>
> 		<address>me!</address>
> 	</article>
> 	<article>
> 		<address>me!</address>
> 	</article>
> 	<address>me!</address>
> </body>
> I think best would be <address for=IDREFS>

I don't really understand. Why would you want to give the contact 
information for the inner articles if it is the same as for the section 
that contains them? The inner <article>s are part of the <body>. Contact 
information for the <body> applies to the whole <body>.

> Is text in <header> part of an article?

Sure, any element that is a descendant of an <article> is part of that 
<article>, even if it is also part of something else (such as a <header>).

> Is the following correct use of <header>?
> <article class="breakingNews">
> 	<header>
> 		<h1>Something!</h1>
> 		<p>Introduction to the news, usually in bold</p>
> 	</header>
> 	<p>More info on the subject goes here</p>
> </article>

Seems reasonable to me.

> How about inline <aside>?
> For inline comments, explanations, translators notes, etc.
> <p>Put the disc in the cd drive <aside>(that cup holder thingie)</aside></p>

<aside> is for what are typically rendered in printed media as floating 
sidebars. Short inline comments are catered for by the "title" attribute:

  <p>Put the disc in the <span title="that cup holder thingie">cd 

...or, more typically, simply by marking the comment with parentheses, as 
you did in your example:

  <p>Put the disc in the cd drive (that cup holder thingie)</p> 

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