[whatwg] <p> elements containing other block-level elements

Michael Gratton michael at quuxo.com
Thu Apr 7 18:33:32 PDT 2005

On 08/04/2005, at 8:47, Matthew Thomas wrote:
> <p>It makes sense to allow bulleted/numbered lists inside paragraphs, 
> for two reasons:<ul>
> <li>such lists are already used in typography</li>
> <li>they would have acceptable presentation in UAs that claim HTML4
>     support.</li>
> </ul>But as for inline lists, I think creating markup for them would 
> be a waste of time.</p>

I wonder if having nested block elements could make CSS author's life 

As was pointed out elsewhere on this thread (list?), existing UAs would 
implicitly close any outer block elements upon encountering a nested 
block element. So the example above would be treated as:


Or similar. WF2/HTML5 UAs wouldn't do this, of course.

If a CSS author for example specified padding for both the P and the UL 
elements, then wouldn't the results would be different depending on the 
UA's support for WF2/HTML5? Depending on how the legacy browser works, 
it might not be possible to work around this problem using 
child/descendent selectors.


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