[whatwg] Web Forms 2.0 submission to W3C

Håkon Wium Lie howcome at opera.com
Tue Apr 12 05:39:45 PDT 2005

Also sprach Anne van Kesteren:

 > > FYI, the W3C has just acknowledged receipt of the Web Forms 2.0 draft that 
 > > Mozilla and Opera submitted (on behalf of the WHATWG).
 > Any reason Apple didn't participate?

We tried to submit WF2 in time to be announced at the W3C Plenary
meeting in Boston in Feb/Mar. As a result, the submission had to be
done quickly and my understanding is that Apple needed more time than
we had to review the paperwork.

In the end, W3C needed more time than expected to review the
submission and we therefore had to keep quiet at the plenary.
So, it might have been better to use the time necessary to add
more W3C members to the list of sponsors.

What really counts, though, is implementations. Really.

 > > We'll be publishing another call for comments that takes into account the 
 > > technical comments that W3C staff sent to us privately as very soon.
 > I saw a call for comments has already been published but not yet 
 > announced. Is that made so people can view the diff for the changes that 
 > are made not discussed through this mailing list?
 > Is there any specific reason the W3C didn't want to make their comments 
 > public?

We asked for the technical comments to be sent straight to the editor
instead of being part of a formal W3C response. This way we could get
them more quickly. I don't mind the comments going public (hey, all is
public around here ;) but that's a decision W3C has to make.

 > Also it seems the W3C has a lot of demands that could slow down the 
 > process. Will the call for implementations draft be even more postponed 
 > or is it still underway?

As I said in my previous mail, W3C staff are well aware of the weight
of the current W3C process. I'm optimistic, though, I think we will
find ways for WHAT WG to work with W3C -- this is good news for both.

 > Overall it seems like a good thing though.


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