[whatwg] HTML5: New link-types regarding guideline 2.4 in WCAG 2.0

Henrik Lied lists at misinterpreted.net
Tue Apr 12 15:58:43 PDT 2005

In guideline 2.4 of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2 
it is recommended to add a visual skip link to jump to the different 
sections of a document.

As Anne van Kesteren writes about in his post named 'Skip links should 
be a markup problem', these aids shouldn't be visual.
In one of the comments in that post, it was proposed to use the LINK 
element with a REL attribute which relates to the different sections of 
the site.

I would therefore propose that these link-types should be recommended in 
the Web Applications 1.0 WD:

NAVIGATION                       Relates to the main site-navigation
CONTENT                             Relates to the head of content
ADDITIONAL                       Relates to an additional section, e.g. 
a sidebar
DISCLAIMER                       Relates to the copyright-notice/legal 
agreements in the document


Henrik Lied
henrik at misinterpreted.net

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