[whatwg] WA1 dl and dialog

Anne van Kesteren fora at annevankesteren.nl
Sun Apr 17 11:03:28 PDT 2005

fantasai wrote:
> I like the definition you give here, except for one thing:
> Despite the example given in HTML4, I think that speakers and words
> is stretching the name-value idea a bit too far. For scripted dialog,
> I think Tantek's suggestion is much better:
>   http://tantek.com/presentations/2005/03/elementsofxhtml/#slide20

It also requires a lot of additional markup. Can't we just say that when 
you want to give additional semantics, like you need to use DFN for real 
definitions, you need to use <dt><cite>{Person}</cite> and either 
<dd><q>{Quote}</q> or <dd><blockquote>...{Quote}...</blockquote>.

> So my suggestion is to remove that particular example from the spec.

I think it should be kept. But that there should be a similar note like 
the one about DFN.

  Anne van Kesteren

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