[whatwg] Questions: IE 6 Compatibility, HTML 5, Spec Timeframe, and Implementation Timeframe

Brad Neuberg bkn3 at columbia.edu
Tue Apr 26 10:32:03 PDT 2005

I have several questions and concerns.

First, what exactly is the stance in regard to IE 6 compatibility for Web 
Forms 2.0 and Web Applications 1.0?  I've been hearing things lately 
concerning Web Applications 1.0 that seem like they would be very 
difficult, impossible, or cause slow performance if emulated in IE 
6.  Whats the exact relationship between these specs and IE 6?  Will there 
be a baseline of support in IE 6, a low water mark?

Second, what is the relationship of HTML 5 to these two specs? Who is 
developing this standard?  At first glance it seems like a large dependency.

Third, is there a timeframe for completing these two specs and for getting 
actual implementations out the door? I'm concerned that proprietary web 
app/rich web app defacto standards will succeed faster than the WHAT-WG, 
like Flash and Avalon, and one of the things that attracted me to the 
WHAT-WG was its focus on being real-world and pragmatic, getting it out the 
door rather than getting it perfect, co-opting and using existing de-facto 
standards like innerHTML rather than rolling new ivory tower ones.  Would 
hard deadlines on both specs, including deadlines for implementations, help 
this?  I don't want to end up with another SVG, a giant spec that was 
announced, took years to develop, and still doesn't have real 
implementations or critical mass.

We need this stuff yesterday; it's just too important. ;)

   Brad Neuberg

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