Are the semantic inline elements really useful? (Re: [whatwg] What exactly is contentEditable for?)

Jasper Bryant-Greene jasper at
Wed Aug 31 05:49:20 PDT 2005

Aankhen wrote:
> On 8/31/05, Jasper Bryant-Greene <jasper at> wrote:
>>Did you actually read the article that my article refers to?
> Yes.  Quite a few times.  I also read the portion of the previous
> message that you quoted that talks about how Dreamweaver turned the
> keyboard shortcut for `i` into the shortcut for `em`, which you
> replied to by pasting your link.  Where is the confusion?

My apologies for the confusion. My article was in reply to his article 
(specifically that you should use <b> or <i> when you can't find a 
suitable semantic element for your purpose), not to the Dreamweaver 
keyboard shortcut. For the record, I agree that Dreamweaver should not 
encourage the practice of indiscriminately replacing <i> with <em>.

Jasper Bryant-Greene
Freelance web developer

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