[whatwg] [WF3] <input type=selector>

Dean Edwards dean at edwards.name
Sat Dec 10 05:20:44 PST 2005

This is something for Web Forms 3.0 (though it would be nice for WF2).

In the repetition models I've implemented in the past (always tables) 
I've provided a way to select a table row. This meant including either a 
radio button or checkbox in the first column. When checked, the entire 
row would be selected.

<input type="selector">

I suggest introducing a new input type to facilitate the selection of 
repetition blocks: <input type="selector">.

This would render as either a radio button or checkbox depending on an 
additional constraint on the repetition template.

When the selector control is checked it results in the repetition block 
being selected (the CSS3 ":selected" pseudo class would apply).


I suggest adding a new attribute to repetition blocks (although this is 
only appropriate to repetition templates).

"single" would be the default and would mean that only one block can be 
selected at a time. If another block is selected the currently selected 
block is deselected. <input type="selector"> controls are rendered as 
radio buttons.

"multiple" means that any number of blocks can be selected. <input 
type="selector"> controls are rendered as checkboxes.

Changes to <input type="delete">

the current definition of this control means that a <input 
type="delete"> element must be contained by a repetition block for it to 
be active. I suggest allowing the same constraints that apply to <input 
type="add"> so that the delete control can apply to selected elements if 
placed outside of a repetition block. In reality this means that you 
only need one delete button to control your repeating form controls.

.selected DOM Property

Not sure we need this but it would be nice to be able to test whether or 
not a repetition block is selected using a DOM property.

Other Possible <input> Types

The introduction of <input type="selector"> opens the door to other 
input types. Possibly <input type="copy"> and <input type="paste">? They 
would be similar to the add/delete controls but would use the clipboard.
<input type="copy"> would delete selected blocks but store the 
associated data. <input type="paste"> would add new rows and populate 
them with data from the clipboard.


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