[whatwg] [WF3] <input type=selector>

Dean Edwards dean at edwards.name
Sat Dec 10 06:03:49 PST 2005

Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> Quoting Dean Edwards <dean at edwards.name>:
>> In the repetition models I've implemented in the past (always tables) 
>> I've provided a way to select a table row. This meant including either 
>> a radio button or checkbox in the first column. When checked, the 
>> entire row would be selected.
>> <input type="selector">
>> =======================
> I think this name is very confusing. Personally I was thinking you were
> suggesting a, when I read the subject, Selector (:last-child, etc.) 
> control.

<input type="select-block"> ?

>> I suggest introducing a new input type to facilitate the selection of 
>> repetition blocks: <input type="selector">.
>> This would render as either a radio button or checkbox depending on an 
>> additional constraint on the repetition template.
> This does not seem to be very backwards compatible.

True. :-(

> Wouldn't it be better to have some kind of global "label" attribute or 
> "for" which you could then apply on the html:tr element for example.

Actually, that's how I marked up this kind of thing in the past. I had 
class="selector" on the first <td> of a table row.

>> When the selector control is checked it results in the repetition 
>> block being selected (the CSS3 ":selected" pseudo class would apply).
>> repeat-selection="single|multiple"
>> ==================================
> If you just use radio and checkbox controls you would not need this.

But then you would have to script the actions of the radio/checkbox 
controls. I'm looking for a declarative solution. Are you suggesting 
using radio/checkbox controls and adding an attribute to them? Maybe 
that is a better solution. It would certainly degrade better than a new 
input type.


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