[whatwg] Use IRI instead of URI

Anne van Kesteren fora at annevankesteren.nl
Thu Feb 3 09:42:48 PST 2005

Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Thu, 3 Feb 2005, Anne van Kesteren wrote:
>> Since IRI is now a RFC, shouldn't Web Forms use that term instead 
>> of URI?
>> (For example, in section 2.12. I guess once UAs start supporting 
>> IRIs you want a list of IRIs there, not just URIs.)
> I've already updated all the cases that really matter. For the most 
> part I'd like to just stick to calling things URIs since otherwise 
> people will just get more and more confused (most people still think
> they're URLs...).

Does that matter for a specification?

If you do it, you might want to add a line somewhere that URI and IRI
are used interchangeable.

Also, I think WF2 should refer to RFC3986 instead of RFC1738 since the
former updates the latter. RFC3986 is an internet standard and obsoletes
various other documents as well.

  Anne van Kesteren

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