Weblogs /Newsreader as web app workflow example (was RE:[whatwg] Web Forms 2.0 - what does it extend , definition of same, relation to XForms, implementation reqs.)

Robert Accettura robert at accettura.com
Sun Jan 9 12:44:33 PST 2005

David Hyatt wrote:

> There are other steps.  Specifically XUL. What do you think Firefox is 
> written in?  Personally I think XUL is far better for building desktop 
> apps than any XForms + SVG solution (e.g., XForms is constrained from 
> really bringing richness to the desktop by the desire to remain 
> device-independent).

But what are the odds of standardizing XUL? 

It's sometimes rather hard (despite XUL perhaps being the better 
technology) to convince management to invest development in something that:
1.  Isn't considered a "standard".
2.  Isn't supported by all major vendors (Microsoft being key).

Listing on w3c.org gives us geeks much more leverage when proposing what 
technology to base a new project/product.

Not to mention, I have read a few complaints regarding XUL's performance 
when run remotely... though Mozilla has gotten faster over time, and I'm 
not really sure what if any improvement XForms + SVG would have.

IMHO when it comes down to actual business application of the 
technology:  standardization is becoming more important.

Robert J. Accettura
robert at accettura.com

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