[whatwg] For Japanese language users, Web Forms should have a way to active/deactive for IME

Masayuki Nakano masayuki at d-toybox.com
Tue Jan 18 00:58:17 PST 2005

Henri Sivonen <hsivonen at iki.fi> wrote:

> > Tel: <input type="text" imestate="disabled" />
> On OS X, entering ASCII digits using Kotoeri is perfectly possible and 
> only takes an extra keypress (return) in the end compared to using 
> straight keyboard input. If Kotoeri was suddenly disabled and the user 
> still pressed return as if using Kotoeri, the form would be submitted 
> prematurely.

On Windows, with a part of IME, the FullWidthNumeric is inputted
insted of ASCII Numeric.
In this case, imestate="disabled" is useful.

> I still fail to see what the compelling use case is.

And you think reverse case, i.e., the web forms have many
imestate="disable" input elements and a few imestate="active" input
elements. In this case, Auto-IME-activation is necessary for userbility.

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