[whatwg] [Web Forms 2.0] Last minute suggestion - The <format> element.

Olav Junker Kjær olav at olav.dk
Sun Jan 23 10:48:41 PST 2005

Matthew Raymond wrote:
>    Well, how about giving an attribute, such as |value|, that will be 
> processed according to a specific set of rules. At the same time, only 
> the child contents of the <format> element will be the only content that 
> the user agent should render. If the |value| attribute is not defined, 
> ISO8601 is used. 

I like it.
Since the format is not just metadata but essential for parsing the 
value (and presumably also for parsing min and max values), I think it 
should be an attribute on the input element rather than the format 
element. (I still think its a good idea with a separate format element 
with a human readable format hint.)

>    If you're referring to controls being of such a nature that they 
> _can't_ display the date in a specific format, then we can simply make 
> the <format> element "where applicable".

That's what I was referring to. "where applicable" sounds OK.

>    I presume, though, that you're talking about the possibility of 
> webmasters intentionally using applyon="entry" as a means of forcing a 
> specific format on WF2 browsers. In that case it becomes an issue of 
> consistency of interface across WF2 and legacy user agents versus 
> presentational abuse.

Date entry should be either unambiguous (e.g. picking from a calendar) 
or consistently in the same format across sites. Otherwise users will 
buy plane tickets for the wrong dates and will be unhappy.

Olav Junker Kjær

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