[whatwg] Publishing another Web Forms 2 Call For Comments soon

Dean Edwards dean at edwards.name
Thu Jan 27 09:09:29 PST 2005

dolphinling wrote:
> Ian Hickson wrote:
>> I have seen, and used, forms where the author had one form per row, 
>> hacked using <form> elements in invalid places. There are cases where 
>> that is the UI that people want.
> Is there any way we can make it so form and fieldset elements can go 
> around table rows/cells and list items? Not only would it fix this 
> problem, but it would also allow templating attributes to only be valid 
> on fieldsets (I still don't like them on non-form elements).

a global attribute also makes it harder to implement on IE6 where you 
would have to walk the DOM to find repetition blocks.

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