[whatwg] Re: several messages

Max Romantschuk max at provico.fi
Fri Jan 28 11:17:04 PST 2005

> Ian Hickson wrote:
>> Supporting ISO8601 is pretty easy. It's one of the simplest date/time 
>> formats to parse.

Matthew Raymond wrote:
>    It still means that the webmaster has to alter all server-side 
> scripting involving dates/times. What happens when you hired an outside 
> group to setup those scripts, but your HTML is in-house?

There is no way we can accomplish new things without any growing pains. 
It's a far better tradeoff to force people to modify some scripts than 
complicate the model with client-driven formatting.

Sticking to one date format makes the server side bits much simpler 
overall, and also eliminates possible ambiguation issues with the 
submitted format being misconfigured in the form.

If we wanted everything to work for everyone without the need for 
changes we should still be coding table-based, CSS-free layouts for NS4.


PS. I do find your proposal attractive, but I still feel it wouln't be 
worth it.

Max Romantschuk

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