[whatwg] [WF2] Web Forms 2.0: Repetition and type ID

fantasai fantasai.lists at inkedblade.net
Fri Jul 1 10:40:04 PDT 2005

I'd like to suggest that ID attributes use a different syntax
than [] to mark repetition placeholders, one that fits with the
XML restrictions on IDs. The current syntax makes it impossible
to define ID attributes as "type ID" in any of the three major
XML validation schemas, which affects both the usefulness of
authoring tools that rely on IDness (e.g. for navigational tags
or for catching duplication and referential errors) and the
integrity of other specs (such as the CSS 2.1 specification) that
rely on such definitions.

I don't care what the syntax is (I suggest :-replaceable-: for
lack of anything better), and it doesn't have to apply to other
attributes where [replaceable] is more natural.


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