[whatwg] Web Forms as data schema language

Dimitri Glazkov dimitri.glazkov at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 07:44:06 PDT 2005

Hi everyone,

I am doing some research/evaluation on Web forms (old-fashioned and
2.0) being a data schema language, and would appreciate any
insights/pointers on this.

WF2 spec has some good information on this, especially section 5.4,
but I guess I want more information and/or discussion on this topic.

The premise I am currently working under can be outlined as follows:

* Form elements represent structure of data that is expected by the server.

* Therefore, form markup is in effect a very primitive data schema language.

* With the addition of validation and repetition in WF2, this schema
language is becoming more refined/complete.

* It would be interesting to explore what possibilities this holds on
the way data schema is represented on the Web and the way this may
impact existing schema languages.

Kind regards,


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