[whatwg] WF2 Widgets UI discussion

Dimitri Glazkov dimitri.glazkov at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 08:46:58 PDT 2005


My initial reaction is that it's not a bad idea. I see placing an
emphasis on the common user experience, rather than UI testing, but
they may end up being the same thing.

I would, however, try to stay away from specifying things like "in the
left corner" or "200x300px" -- these types of size and location specs
are very subjective and may or may not be relevant in the specific UI
context. Instead, stick with "there will be a visual hint" and "scaled
to proportions".

At the same time, I think it might be helpful to start small and focus
on a few specific implementations. That way, the user experience can
be explored and tweaked based on actual widgets one can, well --
experience. See, I can have two diametrically opposing opinions at the
same time :)

And finally, while there might be an inispiring notion that these
controls need to be invented anew, none of them really are all that
ground-breaking in terms of UI.

For instance, there is a fairly set expectation on how a date picker
should work. And despite our attempts to come up with something new
and unusual (just ask Dean to tell the story of my super-duper
datepicker, may it rest in peace), we might want to stick with what
most familiar to the most common user.


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