[whatwg] Input type=date UI discussion

Jim Ley jim.ley at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 12:58:22 PDT 2005

On 7/12/05, Dean Edwards <dean at edwards.name> wrote:
> We took the decision, that where possible, we would just copy Windows
> look and feel. 

There is no "windows" look and feel, the windows window manager, like
all is highly configurable. I definately think it's a bad idea to
attempt to duplicate a particular look and feel, it means if someone
has changed just one thing, they end up with a control that looks like
they expect, but works in ony tiny way differently, that's much worse
than a control that looks completely different.

You should either use the windows common controls, or you should have
something that cannot be confused for the normal controls.

> That said, consistency is important and we have the opportunity to raise
> the level of web standards above the level of UI platforms if we
> collaborate on a consistent look and feel.

Please no, the reason there are different looks and feels, is because
different people like different looks and feels, collaborating between
User Agent authors doesn't help the users, it just marginalises all
the users who don't get on with the final choice.  Please be
different, users don't want a homogenous web, users want choice!
> > in  the input date widget. This value is not free-form editable.
> I disagree quite strongly with this. If we want to enable developers to
> build web applications then rapid data-entry is a must. I'd like to try
> to validate keyboard entry.

Definately, a date control that requires users to use a mouse or lots
of cursor key navigation would be a disaster for Opera users.  Or any
others, please don't do it.

> I want to avoid anything in popup windows having focus.

The popup window must have focus to be accessible, otherwise users of
alternative input devices cannot use the control AIUI.  (If Chaals is
still reading or somewhere near Brian, I expect he'd no more...)

> > 3. Event Handlers and the DOM
> > -----------------
> > - Input: Fires every time a value is changed in the year, month or day
> > in  the popup.
> mmm.

I believe this should be application dependant.   I see no reason to
require certain behaviour, it can depend on the widget.

> > 4.2 Key actions
> >   - ENTER: Invokes the date chooser popup
> This clashes with submit. We probaly won't do this. If the popup is
> visible then it counts as select.

So Enter in a text box should submit a form, the same as if it was an
input type=text?  Is this in the spec?



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