[whatwg] Input type=date UI discussion

Dean Edwards dean at edwards.name
Tue Jul 12 17:17:06 PDT 2005

Jim Ley wrote:
> On 7/12/05, Dean Edwards <dean at edwards.name> wrote:
>>Jim Ley wrote:
>>>On 7/12/05, Dean Edwards <dean at edwards.name> wrote:
>>>>Yeah. We are copying the windows common controls.
>>We can't actually use them (common controls). The date control, for
>>example, may not be installed. Besides, we don't want to for other
> That's fine I understand that, so please go for a sensible, but
> neutral approach, and don't try to ape the windows controls when you
> can't do it, Mozilla don't ape the native controls, Opera don't ape
> the native controls.  This is a sensible approach when for other
> reasons you can't use the native controls, as indeed you can't if
> you're going for the HTC use anywhere approach.

We have to ape the native controls because we are in a Microsoft 
browser. They will just look wrong otherwise. Or at least "different".

>>Jim, we've been round the block on use of the <object> element. If you
>>have anything new to add then let's hear it.
> This is nothing to do with the use of the Object element debate, and I
> can't understand why you think it is.

Apologies. I thought you were about to suggest using <object> to 
implement MS custom controls. :-)


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