[whatwg] WA1: rev attribute

Matthew Raymond mattraymond at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 18 11:18:24 PDT 2005

sjoerd at w3future.com wrote:
> The user interface of rel and rev can be exactly the same, only rev under
> the heading of "reverse".
> AFAIK there is no difference between
>   <a href="1.html" rel="prev">
> and
>   <a href="1.html" rev="next">

   So, functionally, you're just breaking a link toolbar into two
categories: "forward" and "reverse". What's the use case for this?
Surely a "Previous" button in your links toolbar is better than
"Reverse->Next" from a UI perspective. Or are you suggesting that the UA
should determine the reverse of the relationship and present a button
for it? That's really bad for things that don't necessarily have inverses:

  |rev="top"| -> "bottom"?
  |rev="first"| -> "last"?
  |rev="top"| -> "bottom"?
  |rev="ToC"| -> ??????????

   Also note that "refutation" is a bad example, as it would only ever
be used in |rev|. Does anyone ever link to a refutation of their article
from the article itself??? So what we're seeing is that |rev| encourages
us to define relationship types specifically for |rev| that are useless
for |rel|.

   Another thing is that |rev| is largely self-serving:

| <a href="http://whatwg.org" rev="supreme-master-guru">

   By it's nature, |rev| defines how the universe relates to you. Thus,
how can you help but put yourself at the center of the universe?

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