[whatwg] [html5] window.print() undefined

Sjoerd Visscher sjoerd at w3future.com
Tue Jul 19 03:29:35 PDT 2005

Matthew Raymond wrote:
> Dean Edwards wrote:
>>OK, we don't switch media. But when I press "print" or invoke the print 
>>method, a copy of the DOM is sent to the printer. If I have altered the 
>>DOM by adding elements or by changing the style property then I would 
>>like to be able to undo those changes before my DOM goes to the printer. 
>>It is not good enough to say that I should start messing about with 
>>classes and so forth or that it is bad practice to amend the style 
>>property directly. So long as I can do these things I want a way to undo 
>>them before my DOM is sent to a print device.
>    I know this isn't how you meant it, but this all seems a bit user
> hostile. The user sees something on the screen he/she wants to print,
> but an event is called at the last minute that changes the content to
> something else before the user can print. So if I select the part of the
> page you want to "undo" and tried to print the selection, I'd get a
> blank page? And in theory, the entire page could be hidden. Sounds like
> print-specific DRM to me.

You can do that with css anyway, what is your point?
Every browser feature adds opportunities to both help and annoy the 
user, but please let is be up to de web developer to act responsible 
with the features he has available. Who wants to annoy the customer anyway?

Sjoerd Visscher

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