[whatwg] Display Issue with Web Applications 1.0 Working Draft

Christopher Hester c.a.hester at Bradford.ac.uk
Tue Jul 19 06:13:29 PDT 2005

In the Web Applications 1.0 Working Draft — 18 
July 2005, Section 2.3.8. "The header element" 
there is an example of code given. The 
penultimate line in the code is *extremely* long, 
causing the browser window to double in width 
just for this line. The effect is visible in 
Opera 8.01 and Firefox 1.0.5 on Windows XP, and 
likely other browsers and platforms too.

The page also seems amazingly long for a web 
page. This means it takes a long time to load 
(even on broadband). If the user only wants one 
section, they still have to load the whole thing. 
Previewing it for print in Opera 8 (which takes 
several seconds) gives a total of 218 pages. Like 
the W3C specs, it would be so much better if each 
section were split into separate pages.

Chris Hester
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