[whatwg] Drag N Drop in canvas

Arnaud Diederen ad at ionicsoft.com
Fri Jul 22 02:15:40 PDT 2005

Hello all,

I'm very new to this list; I've checked the archives but couldn't find 
any relevant answer, so..

I'm experimenting the <canvas> tag with Firefox (DeerPark Alpha2). The 
functionalities associated to the context object are very nice, but I 
can't succeed in drawing something with the mouse: When the left button 
of the mouse is down and I move it around, it tries to drag-drop the 
canvas object (which is not what I expected).

Until now, I was using a <div> placed on top of the drawing area 
(another div, actually), and I filled that drawing area with <div> 
elements (yes, that _is_ bad ;)); the toplevel div element didn't 
dragdrop, so all was fine.

Can I obtain the same behaviour with the canvas tag (without placing a 
div on top)? Is there some HTML property I didn't think of (or simply 
don't know) that would 'disable' the dragdrop functionality? The 
interface of the canvas tag does not seem to propose that ..

(Also, whenever I click on the canvas, et gets ``selected'' (a blue mask 
recovers it); is there a way to avoid that?)

Thank you for any help!


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