[whatwg] Re: rel="script"

Simon Pieters zcorpan at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 31 11:13:15 PDT 2005

> > I was wondering about rel="script". It could work like rel="stylesheet",
> > and we could possibly introduce rel="alternate script" but I'm not sure
> > how that would work.
>What would be the advantage over <script src="">?

What's the advantage of rel="stylesheet" over <style>@import "";</style>?

> > A use case could be for javascript links, for instance:
> >
> > |<a rel="script" href="javascript:alert('pass')">foo</a>
>What's the advantage? It's obvious it is a javascript link, because of the
>scheme used, no?

It's just metadata. I don't know if there's a real advantage though.

Simon Pieters

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