[whatwg] "canvas" tag and animations ?

Dean Edwards dean at edwards.name
Tue Jun 14 14:08:59 PDT 2005

Charles Iliya Krempeaux wrote:
>>From what I undestood (from what Sjoerd Visscher was saying), is that
> there is no need for "drawing transactions" because of the way things
> are done with JavaScript and the DOM.

Thanks for the very good explanation of "drawing transaction". I wasn't 
entirely sure what Sjoerd meant and wanted some clarity. I'd still like 
to know what is meant by "when the script is done". This seems to imply 
that there is a transaction of some sort. I think it really depends on 
what he means by "script" in this context. The reason I ask for 
clarification of these terms is because I'm thinking of how it might be 
implemented on Internet Explorer. So I'm interested when changes should 
be applied. I assumed that changes were applied immediately any of the 
drawing methods were called. Am I missing something?


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