[whatwg] [html5] 2.8. Edits

Henrik Lied lists at misinterpreted.org
Tue Jun 14 15:25:46 PDT 2005

I agree with Anne here, I don't think this is a suitable usage-area for
INS and DEL.
But instead of attaching attributes to the ARTICLE-element, I think I
would have done something like this:

<p>Original, unmodified content</p>

<edit type="inserted" altered="{datetime type UTC}">
<p>Inserted content</p>

<edit type="removed" altered="{datetime type UTC}">>
<p>Removed content</p>

<edit type="modified" altered="{datetime type UTC}">
<p>Changed content</p>


Of course, this would break backward-compability...

Henrik Lied
henrik at misinterpreted.net

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