[whatwg] charset attribute of HTMLScriptElement

Toshirou Takahashi tato at fureai.or.jp
Sun May 1 18:54:01 PDT 2005

Ian Hickson wrote: 
> On Sun, 1 May 2005, Toshirou Takahashi wrote:
> > 
> > i hope to add the charset attribute to HTMLScriptElement, on 2.12.1.
> > 
> > Because the person who made .js file doesn't know whether the file is 
> > used with what charset all over the world.
> You can already do this -- just include the correct encoding information 
> in the Content-Type header for the JS file, as in:
>    Content-Type: text/javascript;charset=utf-8

It is a good method. I also agree and I can do.  

However, how do you do when the user cannot use cgi , .htaccess etc ?

Many users can not necessarily use cgi etc ,
and cannot make .htaccess at for instance, many rental servers...

Toshirou Takahashi 

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