[whatwg] Re: charset attribute of HTMLScriptElement

Peter Karlsson peter at opera.com
Mon May 2 23:27:15 PDT 2005

Ian Hickson on 2005-05-02:

> When using systems that are unable of basic compliance with existing Web 
> standards, it is possible to include the character encoding in the "type" 
> attribute of the <script> element, as follows:

While I agree that the proper solution always is to include all the 
information in the Content-Type header, I don't think changing the 
definition of the type attribute in the <script> element (and thus also on 
<link> and <a>) to include the charset specifier. HTML 4 has a tidy way of 
specifying a proposed charset for the external resource already, the charset 
attribute, and this is already supported at least in Opera.

>   <script type="text/javascript;charset=utf-8">

Especially on the <script> element, the type attribute is already confusing 
enough to take seriously, with several different parameters specifying 
language version and extensions. I would rather see this specified properly 
(which WA1 seems to be trying to do) than overloading the attribute with 
even more data.

\\// Peter Karlsson, software engineer, Opera Software ASA

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