[whatwg] A thought: <a href="..." method="post">

Mark Wubben markwubben at gmail.com
Tue May 10 05:27:20 PDT 2005

On 5/9/05, James Graham <jg307 at cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> But can you do it such that it will work without javascript? I consider
> distinguishing read/unread messages to be a basic enough feature that it
> should be possible to implement it without requiring client-side
> scripting. In this case, the obvious implementation would be a
> javascript function called when the message was recieved that performed
> a background POST request to update the read flag on the message. Is
> there a better way?
Well, you could load an iframe with a redirect meta element, which
will then, uhm, use GET to modify the state. That's all I can think
off, though.

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