[whatwg] Test suite: Embedded content

Simon Pieters zcorpan at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 28 15:37:25 PST 2005


From: Ian Hickson <ian at hixie.ch>
> > What about <img> only supporting raster images? If authors want vector
> > images then they could use <object> instead.
>Maybe, yeah, but I don't like having something that is <object>-only; the
>idea is that <embed>, <img>, and <iframe> are case-specific versions of
><object>, so that you use <embed>, <img>, or <iframe> when you know what
>you want, and <object> when you don't.

(Although <iframe> is different from <object> in that it always loads the 

>(<object> is less efficient to
>implement because the UA has to wait til it knows what the content type is
>before it can know how to render the element.)

Also when there's a type attribute?

> > Interestingly enough though, Firefox 1.6a1 displays the PNG images from
> > <embed> natively (not via a plugin). Further more, a "plugin" is
> > probably UA dependent; some UAs require a plugin for a particular format
> > while another UA supports it natively (e.g. IE has a plugin for MathML
> > while Mozilla supports it natively).
>Yeah, what's a plugin and what isn't is a UA thing, so if the UA decides
>that its PNG and SVG "plugins" happen to be native support, well, that's
>what it is. (Both PNG and SVG are recognised by Mozilla's <embed> because
>at one point they were plugin-only in IE and so people would use <embed>
>instead of <img>/<object> and so when Mozilla moved to native implemen-
>tations for those types, it kept <embed> working for compatiblility.)

That makes it hard to test. :)

> > How should <noembed> work? (If at all, I actually dislike all <no*>
> > element types.)
>No idea, haven't looked at <noembed> yet. Found any trends in support?

If plugins are enabled, render all <embed>s and hide all <noembed>s, and 
parse <noembed> as CDATA. If plugins are disabled, hide all <embed>s and 
display all <noembed>s, and parse <noembed> as #PCDATA.

I can't find a way to disable plugins, so they are treated as Opera's 
"plugins enabled" behaviour.

Same as Firefox.

Simon Pieters

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